We are a Promotional ONLY Radio Station, We do not Report Spins or Plays and by submitting your song you agree to give us permission to add it to our System during your Airtime Placement. Our Radio Station plays mainly Rap, EDM, House, Hip Hop but if your track sounds good, we will spin it. We reserve the right to refuse to play any music that does not fit with our current programming schedule.

To get started Please choose the Plan you like below, and once payment is made through PayPal you will be directed to the form to enter your information and upload your track and album artwork.

Light Rotation

1 Month Basic Rotation $5.00 (1 Spin per Day - Now Playing Tweets Not Included)

Medium Rotation

1 Month Plus Rotation $10.00 (2 Spins per Day - 5+ Now Playing Tweets Included)

Heavy Rotation

1 Month Heavy Rotation $20.00 (3 Spins per Day - 10+ Now Playing Tweets Included)

Featured Rotation

1 Month Featured Rotation $40.00 + 1 Week Promo + Front Page Feature